Nina Slejko - It’s All the Same Crap Anyway
May 4 - May 16, 2010
Pilot version for a 250 painting edition

25 replicas of the painting by France Slana that Slejko painted over in 2006, ordered from a Chinese manufacturer, framed in identical frames as Slana’s original. Later to also be shown in display-windows of the main selling-type galleries (the ones that sell Slana´s works), as well as in the gallery where the show will take place – covering walls, with the original amongst them, and sticking out of boxes …

This project is a continuation of a work from 2006 called “Today I was an Evil One”. As a young female artist who at that time only had access to very marginal galleries, Slejko bought a painting by France Slana, an old male painter who is highly proclaimed by Slovene bourgeoisie, and painted it over. This painting with a motif of a rooster is one of very many paintings with the same motif painted by Slana. They are understood to be a status symbol in Slovenia, and there is an understanding among wealthier people that one just has to have one of these paintings. The artist liked the idea of taking down its monetary value. She liked the idea of painting over the rooster. Both literally and metaphorically. Now the female roosters are getting ready to take over.

100% hand painted in oil.

documentation coming soon



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