Exhibition Nr 23
(August 30 - September 14, 2014)
Group show with Jukka Korkeila, Sofi Lardner Häggström, Basim Magdy, Jaka Vatovec, and more
Curators: Nina Slejko Blom & Conny Blom

23 is the ninth prime number. The sum of the first 23 primes is 874, which is divisible by 23, a property shared by few other numbers. Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times. Muslims believe that the Koran was revealed verbally to Muhammad over a period of 23 years. Kurt Cobain was born 1967 (1+9+6+7=23) and he died 1994 (1+9+9+4=23). It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate through the human body. Human DNA is grouped into 23 chromosome pairs. On a standard, modern, Latin alphabet keyboard, the 23rd letter W is placed right below the numbers 2 and 3. The Earth is tilted at an angle of 23 degrees. Nobel Prize-winning economist John Forbes Nash had an obsession with the number 23 and at one point during his nervous breakdown he tried to prove that it was in fact him and not the Pope John XXIII on the cover of Life magazine, claiming the fact that 23 was his favourite prime number as evidence. Incidentally Nash published 23 scientific articles during his career.
When actively searching for patterns to confirm a theory one is likely to find them, whether actually relevant or not. At CAC Bukovje Landskrona we never curate thematic exhibitions, we select artists whose work we like solemnly for the work itself. There are enough exhibitions built upon curatorial ideas, without us adding to it. When working on our 23rd exhibition we however noticed that the works we had selected together with our artists all happened to deal with something not directly tangible, perhaps spiritual, meditative or even esoteric, in some cases touching upon other realms and the uncanny. Basim Magdy's video is a contemplative meditation on time and perspectives, whilst Jukka Korkeila's wall installation is a manifestation of the spiritual connection to a lost love. For the work Sofi Lardner Häggström is presenting she has derived material from spiritualist practices, and Jaka Vatovec finds inspiration in everything from old horror movies, voodoo practices, the macabre, and the curious world of popular culture.

Sofi Lardner Häggström

Basim Magdy

Jukka Korkeila (born 1968 in Hämeenlinna, Finland) has participated in the São Paulo and Prague biennials, he has had a solo exhibition at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and further he has exhibited, amongst others, at places like Arken in Copenhagen, Kiasma in Helsinki and Göteborgs Konsthall.
Basim Magdy (born 1977 in Assiut, Egypt) has participated, amongst other, at the Sharjah and Istanbul biennials, and exhibited at places like Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, PinchukArtCentre in Kiev, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, Seoul Museum of Art, and more.
Sofi Lardner Häggström (born 1972 i Stockholm, Sweden) has exhibited amongst others at Göteborgs Konsthall and Röda Sten in Göteborg, Liljevalchs in Stockholm, Edsviks Konsthall, Konsthall C in Hökarängen, and she has had solo presentations at amongst others Skånes Konstförening in Malmö and Tyresö Konsthall.
Jaka Vatovec (born 1989 in Postojna, Slovenia) is working on his MFA at the Ljubljana Art Academy in Slovenia. He has exhibited amongst others at Alkatraz Gallery and Gallery P74 in Ljubljana, Teloglion Foundation of Art of AUTH in Thessaloniki, Greece and Hiša Kulture in Pivka, Slovenia.
Jukka Korkeila
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