Fifteen People Present Their Favorite Book (After Kosuth)
(March 18 – April 2, 2017)

CAC Bukovje/Landskrona is proud to present an exhibition inspired by Joseph Kosuth's project "Fifteen People Present Their Favorite Book" originally executed in New York in 1967.

John Baldessari (artist, b. 1931 in US), Janet Cardiff (artist, b. 1957 in Canada), Yara Flores (artist, b. 1960 in Brazil), Liam Gillick (artist, b. 1964 in UK), Rodney Graham (artist, b. 1949 in Canada), Susan Hiller (artist, b. 1940 in US), Joseph Kosuth (artist, b. 1945 in US), Jernej Lorenci (theatre director, b. 1973 in Slovenia), Sarah Lucas (artist, b. 1962 in UK), Jonathan Monk (artist, b. in 1969 UK), Vanessa Place (writer/artist, b. 1968 in US ) Ugo Rondinone (artist, b. in 1964 Switzerland), Klara Sax (artist, b. 1997 in US), Gillian Wearing (artist, b. 1963 in UK), Ruben Östlund (film director, b. 1974 in Sweden)

Curators: Nina Slejko Blom & Conny Blom

When Joseph Kosuth first executed "Fifteen People Present Their Favorite Book" in 1967 the project toyed with the concepts of the authorship over the works and the exhibition, and the aspects of what defines "an artist" and "an artwork." Our show is exploring these same issues and is something of an homage to the original exhibition, but we are also using it as a vehicle for our own excitement; there hardly exists a more fantastic way to get reading tips. Having said that, we are in fact a very serious couple of artists/curators, and this is a very serious exhibition that we are handling with outmost care, as we do always. Also as is always the case with CAC Bukovje/Landskrona, we asked for participation only of those people whose work we really enjoy.