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Tomas Åsén, Klara Sax, Leon Zuodar, Miran Mohar, Viktor Bernik, Vasja Cenčič, Ulf Rådström, Klara Antonija SB

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Klara Sax

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Art journal as a concept

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NO 28., Culture Day 2021


In this issue:

Last year on Feb 8, we ended our letter with wishes for an inspiring, calm, happy and optimistic day, and year! Ha. Did we jinx it for everybody!
Even better, when starting the International Culture Day, we were lamenting over the Cinnamon-bun day in Sweden and wishing for Slovene-style culture appreciation—as manifest in a bank holiday celebrating culture—to spread ‘round the globe. Now, the opposite is soon to happen. If the Janša - Simoniti kakistocracy keeps raining on the Slovene parade, it won’t be long before cinnamon buns start filling the holes left by culture, taking over Slovene minds and hearts.
We better keep our wishes to ourselves. This year, we will not utter any.
(Which is not saying that we do not, will not, wish.)
Nina, Conny and Klara, for CAC B/L

On the cover:

Bukovje with surroundings, stolen ribbon and JesseDarlingExtraNormal.otf



Celebrate the International Culture Day by enjoying culture online! Here are some links to interesting stuff to get you started:

Great zines by Amy Sillman:
Loads of artist’s books available as free PDF’s:
Amanda Palmer shares a lot of her music as Name Your Price:
Online screening of art videos, all in all 79 minutes (some titles only available until end of 9 February GMT-6):
Basim Magdy has a lot of his mesmerizing videos available on his website:
A lot of David Shrigley works to browse through:
Bahar Noorizadeh’s 31 min video After Scarcity:
Great Russian rock from Vladimir:
Talk (in Slovene):
Swedish theatre, when good:
Bergman (in Swedish)
Lars Norén (in Swedish)
Slovene theatre (in Slovene. Only available Feb 8 at 21:00)
Miloš Lolić: Herman Melville BARTLEBY, PISAR/ Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street (Mini Teater)
More free zines:
Sound art:



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