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Chief Editors
Conny Blom & Nina Slejko Blom

Contributing Editors
Tomas Åsén, Klara Sax, Leon Zuodar, Miran Mohar, Viktor Bernik, Vasja Cenčič, Ulf Rådström

Art Director
Klara Sax

Conceptual Art Journal

cac journal



CAC Journal =
Art journal as a concept

2016 ->



NO 18., mid-summer 2019

In this issue:

- Featured artist:
Kim Somervuori

- Colonizing Art Space
The chief editors of CAC Journal tried to see “The Measure of All Things: On the (In)Human” at Lunds Konsthall

Santiago Mostyn and the curators prove that quantity and loudness do not equal quality. The male artist’s works metastasize over the other three (as it happens, all female) participants’ territories to an extent that makes it difficult to see/hear the exhibition.
Hanni Kamaly’s works manage to defy the circumstances and stand strong in their own right, despite the overwhelming Mostyn-sound-visual pollution drowning the entire hall.


On the cover:
Kim Somervuori, installation for In Situ, detail, 2019




The Conceptual Art Centre Bukovje/Landskrona Publication

Bukovje 35
6230 Postojna


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