Bengt Adlers

Bengt Adlers - Collection of artists books and sound works:

-Interviews of Internews, Kalejdoskop 1978
-The Poetry of Mickey Spillane, Wedgepress&Cheese 1980
-The Hits of T.S. Eliot, W&C 1980
-Poetry Try Poe & Verse Vica, W&C 1982
-La Poésie de Donzy, W&C 1983
-BOK, Litlu Baekurnar 1986
-Rock Age Poetry, W&C 1986
-Dix Poèmes, W&C 1986
-From The Corners Of My I, Hong Kong Press 1987
-TRIX, W&C 2000
-SEX KEX, W&C 2000
-Jagumaj, W&C 2006
-Frutti, Pequod Press 2010
-Novelties (The Very Best Novel, 1976/The Book of Matters,
The Second Best Novel, 1977/Sirap i Paris, The Very Worst Novel, 1977),
OEI editör 2013

-TUTTI, Trum Trum HB SRTTCD4 1996 (with Christer Persson)
-Den Andra Kinden/Cheek Two Cheek, Oei, 2007

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